Wykaz projektów doktorskich w rekrutacji 2024 / List of PhD projects 2024

Szkoła Doktorska Nauk Ścisłych i Przyrodniczych / Doctoral School of Exact and Natural Sciences
Academia Scientiarum Thoruniensis
no. project title author(s) of the project
dyscyplina naukowa/area of science: astronomia/astronomy 
1. Study of the population of radio transient sources (361 KB) dr hab. Magdalena Kunert-Bajraszewska, prof. UMK
2. Study of outbursts and superoutbursts of dwarf novae cataclysmic variable stars based (1,10 MB) dr hab. Krzysztof Katarzyński, prof. UMK

dr Karolina Bąkowska

3. Variability of the 6.7 GHz methanol masers in high-mass star-forming regions (639 KB) dr hab. Anna Bartkiewicz, prof. UMK
dyscyplina naukowa/area of science: nauki biologiczne/biological sciences (life sciences) 
1. Factors of variation in grasslands on heavy metal polluted waste heaps left by historical ore mining (341 KB) dr hab. Marcin Woch prof. UMK
2. Searching for proteins with hidden domains of adenylate and guanylate cyclase activity among the strigolactones (SLs) signalling pathway in Arabidpsis thaliana (1,75 MB) prof. dr hab. Adriana Szmidt-Jaworska

dr Brygida Świeżawska-Boniecka

3. The involvement of plant cyclic nucleotide phosphodiesterases in hormonal signaling involving brassinosteroids in Arabidopsis thaliana (720 KB) dr hab. Krzysztof Jaworski, prof. UMK

dr Mateusz Kwiatkowski

4. The involvement of the actin cytoskeleton and selected actin-binding proteins in collective cell migration (1,40 MB) dr hab. Robert Lenartowski
5. The role of nuclear biomolecular condensates in posttranscriptional regulation of gene expression. (1,58 MB) dr hab. Dariusz J. Smoliński, prof. UMK
6. Microorganisms promoting the growth of crops as a support for sustainable agriculture (1,68 MB) prof. dr hab. Katarzyna Hrynkiewicz

dr Edyta Deja-Sikora

7. Light as a significant factor shaping the structure of pelophilic macrozoobenthos (1,67 MB) dr hab. Janusz Żbikowski
8. Enviromental factors influencing the occurence of the potentialy invasive species in different types of aquatic water bodies (1,85 MB) dr hab. Janusz Żbikowski, dr Anna Cichy
9. Role of purinergic signaling in the processes of regeneration, repair and remodeling with endothelial cells (795 KB) dr hab. Katarzyna Roszek, prof. UMK

dr Dorota Nemecz

10. The impact of biodegradable polymer composites (1,61 MB) dr hab. Agnieszka Richert

dr hab. Maria Swiontek Brzezinska, prof. UMK

11. Post-translational regulation of auxin-conjugating enzymes in plant tissues (266 KB) dr hab. Maciej Ostrowski, prof. UMK

dr Anna Ciarkowska

12. The role of nuclear transcriptome in the formation of stress granules in plants (941 KB) dr hab. Janusz Niedojadło, prof. UMK
13. Impact of Monsoons on Tree Rings and Xylogenesis of Selected Tree Species in the Tropical Climate of Southeast Asia (267 KB) dr hab. Marcin Koprowski, prof. UMK

prof. Nathsuda Pumijumnong

14. The role of plant metallothioneins in response to environmental stresses the Arabidopsis thaliana model (893 KB) dr hab. Grażyna B. Dąbrowska, prof. NCU

dr Agnieszka Mierek-Adamska

dyscyplina naukowa/area of science: nauki chemiczne/chemical sciences
1. Exotic carbon nanomaterials in new anti-icing surfaces (636 KB) prof. dr hab. Artur Terzyk

dr inż. Emil Korczeniewski

2. Dissolution of active compounds in a polymer matrix using various surfactants (377 KB) dr hab. Ewa Olewnik-Kruszkowska, prof. UMK
3. Food packaging materials based on biopolymers and their derivatives (790 KB) dr hab. Ewa Olewnik-Kruszkowska, prof. UMK

dr Magdalena Gierszewska

4. Innovative strategies in the isolation and functionalization of biologically active lactoferrin (2,00 MB) dr hab. Paweł Pomastowski, prof. UMK
5. Advancing Microbial Profiling Through Spectroscopic and Spectrometric Integration (1,54 MB) dr hab. Paweł Pomastowski, prof. UMK
6. Designing the effective and selective catalysts for CO2 reduction at low temperature regime (1,30 MB) dr hab. Marek Wiśniewski, prof. UMK
7. A new approach to the analysis of low molecular weight compounds in roughage (2,16 MB) dr hab. Małgorzata Szultka-Młyńska, prof. UMK

dr Agnieszka Ludwiczak

8. Modern electrochemical energy storage devices (975 KB) prof. dr hab. Jerzy Łukaszewicz

dr Piotr Kamedulski

9. Non-electrochemical extraction of hydrogen from water (925 KB) prof. dr hab. Jerzy Łukaszewicz

dr Piotr Kamedulski

10. Hybrid materials containing nitrides as highly stable catalysts for green hydrogen production (329 KB) dr hab. Anna Ilnicka, prof. UMK

dr Małgorzata Skorupska

11. Intelligent and safe bio-based packaging materials for food and cosmetic industry (1,43 MB) prof. dr hab. Alina Sionkowska

dr Dagmara Bajer

12. Active and intelligent biodegradable polysaccharide-based films for food packaging (1,14 MB) dr hab. Jolanta Kowalonek, prof. UMK
13. New cosmetic formulations and biomaterials based on natural ingredients (1,22 MB) prof. dr hab. Alina Sionkowska

dr Marzanna Kurzawa

14. Study of the oxidative stress influence on the biosynthesis and durability of plant origin xanthophylls (267 KB) dr hab. Magdalena Ligor, prof. UMK
15. Fabrication and characterization of oxide-polymer nanocomposites thin films (2,03 MB) dr hab. Aleksandra Radtke, prof. UMK

dr Robert Szczęsny

16. Precursors of Nanomaterials for Catalysis and Sensors (817 KB) dr hab. Iwona B. Szymańska, prof.UMK
17. New methods for extraction, separation and determination of therapeutic oligonculeotides in biological samples (536 KB) dr hab. Sylwia Studzińska, prof. UMK
18. Responsive molecular crystals based on organic macrocycles (789 KB) dr hab. Liliana Dobrzańska, prof. UMK
19. Responsive crystals based on coordination compounds of 3D transition metals with di/tripodal N-donor ligands (740 KB) dr hab. Liliana Dobrzańska, prof. UMK
20. Design of new deep eutectic solvents and their practical application (511 KB) dr hab. Piotr Szczepański, prof. UMK
dyscyplina naukowa/area of science: nauki fizyczne/physical sciences
1. Study of trapped ions (441 KB) dr hab. Mariusz Piwiński, prof. UMK

dr hab. Łukasz Kłosowski, prof. UMK

2. Devising Reliable Electronic Structure Schemes through Eclectic Design to Model Light-Harvesting Materials (993 KB) dr hab. Katharina Boguslawski
3. A theoretical perspective on the structure-property relationship in organic electronics (1,02 MB) dr hab. Katharina Boguslawski
4. Testing the quantum theory for molecules with ultra-accurate molecular beam spectroscopy (315 KB) dr hab. Piotr Wcisło, prof. UMK
5. Quantum scattering calculations for atmosphere relevant molecular systems (87 KB) dr hab. Piotr Wcisło, prof. UMK
6. New quantum technologies for future optical primary SI standards of gas concentration (1,71 MB) dr hab. Agata Cygan, prof. UMK
7. Ultra-cold atoms in an optical conveyor belt (886 KB) dr hab. Michał Zawada prof. UMK

dr Sławomir Bilicki

8. Positron annihilation lifetime spectroscopy in mixed crystals (811 KB) dr hab. Kamil Fedus

dr hab. Karol Strzałkowski

9. Modelling electronic structures and charge transfer properties of small building block of organic electronic materials (692 KB) dr hab. Paweł Tecmer, prof. UMK

dr Matheus Morato F. de Moraes

10. Highly-accurate molecular spectroscopy for atmospheric and fundamental studies (1,48 MB) dr hab. Katarzyna Bielska, prof. UMK

dr Szymon Wójtewicz

11. Superradiance with ultra-cold strontium atoms in high finesse cavity (956 KB) prof. dr hab. Roman Ciuryło

dr Marcin Bober

12. Long distance quantum communication (279 KB) dr hab. Piotr Kolenderski, prof. UMK
13. Interactions of ions with elementary particles (1,37 MB) dr hab. inż. Łukasz Kłosowski, prof. UMK

dr hab. Mariusz Piwiński, prof. UMK

14. Studying the molecular mechanism of starch processing using computational biophysics tools (1,41 MB) dr hab. Łukasz Pepłowski, prof. UMK
15. Studies of the activation process of the biotechnology enzyme nitrile hydratase – research by theoretical molecular biophysics methods (996 KB) dr hab. Łukasz Pepłowski, prof. UMK
16. Orbital-Dependent Functionals in Kohn-Sham DFT – Practical Realization of ab initio DF (1,26 MB) prof. dr hab. Ireneusz Grabowski

dr Szymon Śmiga

17. Machine learning ab initio DFT (1,00 MB) prof. dr hab. Ireneusz Grabowski

prof. Dr. Pavlo O. Dral

18. Measurement methods and factors affecting the luminance of two-photon visual stimuli (279 KB) dr hab. Maciej Szkulmowski

dr Katarzyna Komar

19. Multi-parametric optical coherence elastography for intraoperative cancer detection (466 KB) dr hab. Maciej Szkulmowski

BEng, PhD/ Professor, Brendan Kennedy

20. Development of an eye movement model based on information from the anterior and posterior chambers of the eye (323 KB) dr hab. Maciej Szkulmowski
21. Development of eye motion-based biomarkers for the detection and monitoring of neurodegenerative diseases (349 KB) dr hab. Maciej Szkulmowski
22. Theoretical characteristics of two-photon absorption for classical and quantum fields (763 KB) dr hab. Gniewomir Sarbicki, prof. UMK

dr Anita Dąbrowska

23. Construction and analysis of new clustering algorithms (1,36 MB) dr hab. Norbert Jankowski, prof. UMK
24. Modern thin-film solar cells with a perovskite photoactive layer (709 KB) dr hab. Anna Zawadzka, prof. UMK

dr Przemysław Płóciennik

25. Development of Artificial Intelligence Methods (823 KB) prof. dr hab. Wiesław Nowak

dr Jakub Rydzewski

26. Structural Dynamics and Functional Mechanisms of ATP-Sensitive Potassium (KATP) Channels (1,45 MB) prof. dr hab. Wiesław Nowak

dr Katarzyna Walczewska-Szewc

27. Molecular Foundations of Memory – Computer Modeling Approach (1,71 MB) prof. dr hab. Wiesław Nowak
28. The Fine and Hyperfine Structure in Molecules – Calculations in the Explicitly (820 KB) dr hab Monika Stanke, prof.UMK

dr Andrzej Kędziorski

dyscyplina naukowa/area of science: matematyka/mathematics 
1. Variational, topological and geometrical methods in applications to partial differential equations (858 KB) dr hab. Grzegorz Gabor, prof. UMK

dr Bartosz Bieganowski

2. Model selection in high-dimensional statistics (924 KB) dr hab. Wojciech Rejchel, prof. UMK
3. Periodic solustions of symmetric Hamiltonian systems (2,49 MB) prof. dr hab. Sławomir Rybicki

dr Anna Gołębiewska

4. Perturbations of locally Hamiltonian flows and generalized interval exchanges (588 KB) – grant NCN prof. dr hab. Krzysztof Frączek
dyscyplina naukowa/area of science: nauki o Ziemi i środowisku/Earth and related environmental sciences
1. Topoclimatic and bioclimatic variability in Forlandsundet region (NW Spitsbergen, Arctic) in the period 2010-15 and its causes (2,03 MB) dr hab. Andrzej Araźny, prof. UMK

prof. dr hab. Rajmund Przybylak

2. The origin of lake basins in the dune area of the Elk Mountains and the evolution of the landscape in their surroundings since the Late Glacial (1,50 MB) dr hab. Tomasz Karasiewicz, prof. UMK

dr Marcin Sykuła

3. Multiple glacial lake-outburst floods in north-eastern Poland and their contribution to the development of the Biebrza-Narew ice-marginal valley during the last glaciation (2,48 MB) dr hab. Piotr Weckwerth, prof. UMK
4. Links between site index of Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris) stands and environmental variables (1,92 MB) dr hab. inż. Piotr Sewerniak, prof. UMK
5. Microplastics in soils of the city of Toruń (1,79 MB) prof. dr hab. Piotr Hulisz

dr inż. Aleksandra Loba

dyscyplina naukowa/area of science: weterynaria/veterinary
1. Transcriptome analysis of liver to determine the influence of supplementary diet Silybum Marianum herb extract (770 KB) prof. dr hab. Chandra S. Pareek